teacup shorkies for sale what about them

As RESPONSIBLE shorkie breeders we want potential puppy parents to know the truth. When it comes to a Tea cup shorkies. There is NO such thing. Some unethical breeders use the words teacup shorkie puppies for sale or toy shorkie puppies for sale and even T-Cup shorkie puppies for sale because they want to use it as a sales gimmick.

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We have personally produced little guys weighing in at 2.7lbs-4lbs full grown but NEVER use the term tea cup.. The little guys don't need an unethical term to describe them.

Even if you look at the yorkie breed and ethical yorkie breeders or even yorkie show breeder they will also tell you there is no such thing as a tea cup yorkie. Here are a couple of links

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So if there is no such tea cup yorkie or tea cup shih tzu's how can there be a teacup shorkie?

The Shorkie Club Of America standard for a shorkie is 3-12 lbs.

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As a future puppy parent you must do your research and seek out the difference between an ethical breeder and less desirable breeder. You must also seek the difference between a well breed shorkie and lucky shorkie. Some breeders will say MY YORKIE HAS CHAMPION LINES that dose NOT make him a healthy yorkie. We have had a personal experience with this. One of our shih tzu mom's had 30 AKC CHAMPIONS in her 4 generation pedigree and once we did her liver testing we found out she had liver health issues. The ONLY way a breeder knows if they have top quality mom's and dad's is to do the genetic testing.

Once you find the breeder you would like to get your shorkie puppy from, meet them in person if you can either at their home or vets office. If you can not meet them make sure they give you a copy of all the testing they do. If you do meet them have them bring the parents of your shorkie puppy. If the mom is a shiht zu and it should be make sure she is a good quality shihtzu one that has a flat face and NOT a long muzzle. Shih tzu's should be flat faced dogs.



The smaller the dog the more health issues they can have. One issue shorkie can have is Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) this can be deadly for them if not treated fast. There are several health issues a shorkie can have to make them smaller. One of the most common ones are liver shunts. Depending on the severity of it some shorkies can live with them with medication, but most have to have an operation or die. When looking for a new fur kid don't make the size top priority make their health #1.

If you are adopting or buying what some one is calling a tea cup shorkie make them have a bile acid test done, and get a copy of the results that is the only way to tell if they have a liver shunt. Most vets don't do them you have to go to a specialist but an ethical breeder should not have any problems with this.

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Our babies are raised with lots of LOVE and Care, we take great pride in each and every baby we help produce. Our Shorkie puppies are totally pre-spoilt for their new family..
I am always here to answer any questions or concerns our puppy parents have. Feel free to email me or give me a call at any time. Our job NEVER ends even when our baby goes to his/her new home it just begins. We are here to answer any questions you may have before and after the adoption or your new baby.
Our Shorkie puppies are bred from carefully chosen lines not only for their good health, but also for their great temperament. We maintain a line of conduct that lends the highest priority to the health and temperament of each puppy. This includes many genetic test on each one of our adults before they are bred.
Once in a while we do have little shorkie puppies 2.7-4lbs full grown, but we do NOT breed for this. Shorkie puppies this size are not good for families with little kids. When we have this size babies we placed them with retired couples, that don't have little kids around very often. We have to think of their safety.


      I am an experienced seasoned professional breeder and our litters are Carefully PLANNED ! I have been breeding since 1991 although we did take a break for a couple of years.



Shorkie puppies are very playful, inquisitive and love to investigate everything. For their safety they need a place where they can be safe. We know you can not watch your new shorkie puppy 24/7. We suggest before you bring your new shorkie puppy home, you get them a baby (Shorkie) play pen or an exercise pen. I use Exercise pens for mom's and babies.

Each one of our shorkie puppies are hand raised from the minute they are born.  My Nursery is usually NOT full of Shorkie puppies, teacup Shorkies, tiny Shorkies, because we don't mass produce them. When we do have babies they are all running around and playing with toys and doing what Shorkie puppies love to do. When their playtime is over, our Shorkies all have their  exercise pens to sleep in. That is for the Shorkie puppy safety and protection of them.


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